Thursday, 5 July 2012

Truth and Beauty: The unseeable biology

Brain animation.
By Nevit Dilmen.
Source Wikimedia Commons
Sometimes it's difficult to tell you about things that happen inside the cells. And these things are difficult to teach as well. However, one of the ways we have to show you those beautiful things inside the cells is with animations.

These animations are based on accurate scientific data and show us, many times in a very spectacular way, those things that we can't see. Animations are a combination of truth and beauty.

As examples of these animations I want to share with you some videos that I hope you like.

The first video is a talk given by Drew Berry in the TEDxSydney. He shows us how the DNA chains are seen and how they get packed inside the nucleus of the cell. In addition, he show us a bit of information about microtubules and their attachment to the chromosomes during the cell division. It's truly beautiful.

The next video is another TED talk. This time is David Bolinsky who speaks. David is a medical and scientific illustrator whose team started few years ago the "Biovisions" project in collaboration with Harvard University. The project's aim  is to create scientific animations about cellular processes that we can't see. The talk is amazing and the animations about the processes that happen inside the cell shown in the talk are really beautiful.

And finally, I want to finish this post with the video of the animation presented by David in the previous video. I know some of you really wanted to watch it properly. Enjoy it!!!


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