Monday, 19 March 2012

It has been possible thanks to you

Yes, my SciFund project has been possible thanks to you. This is the post to thank all the fuelers who contributed to it for that and to thank other people who helped also with other things.

First of all I want to thank Jai Ranganathan and Jarret Byrnes for having the idea and making the challenge a reality. I also want to thank the researchers who took part in this first round of the SciFund challenge for their help polishing the project before publishing it, and especially to Jorge Mederos who has been a great team mate all this time.

I want to thank Esther Walker, from the Paterson Institute for Cancer Research, as well, for all her help choosing most of the nice pictures that appeared in the video of my project.

Finally I want to thank my sister Angélica for all her help spreading the word about my project and the other two Spanish projects in the challenge.

And because I wanted to do something more special than a blog post, here you have this video dedicated to all of you, who have made this possible.

Contributors to "Cancer? Yeast has answers"

Anne Osterrieder
Carlos Xabier
Claire Villeneuve
Jacek Walczynski
Lopez-Carr Walker Davies Murphy Bambridge
Rafael Medina
Robin Fink
Carlos Romá-Mateo
Graham Richards
Jagoba Barron
Jimmy Garland
Marc Figueras
Nathan Tyler
Raúl de la Puente
Santiago Campillo Brocal
Vladimir Vukicevic
Aritz Lopategi
Deidre Ruble
Elissa Malcohn
Esther Martí­nez
Francisco J. Teran
George Gardiner
Jocelyn Thurlow
Jorge Mederos
jose luis cebollada
Juan Carlos
Maggie Whitaker
Mary Canady
Maurice Cowell
Mikel Martin
Mischa Andrews
Nahúm Chazarra
Rubén Lijó
Santi Rello Varona
Sergio Gutierrez-Santos
Udane Arambalza
Bernardo Herradón
Sarah Murray
Charo Carballo
Christoph Rabel
Daniel Torregrosa
José Manuel López Nicolás
Patricia R
Susana Dí­az
William Sadek
Angelica Alonso
María Paz Núñez
Comprendia LLC
Rosa Núñez Bayón
Tim Skellett
Mary Canady
Gus Granados

P.S: The Second Round of the SciFund challenge is recruiting scientists during March to take part in May. This time I won´t be able to be part of it but if any of you want to try I strongly recommend the experience to you.

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