About this blog and its author

A while ago I started to think about the idea of creating a blog to talk about different matters related to science that I think are important.

I would like to share with you the science done in the labs. In this way everybody will know how the money invested in research is spent. This is something that researchers owe to the society and is not getting enough attention.

On the other hand I would like to share in this blog the situation of research and science in general in Spain and Europe. The steps forward and the steps backward. The ones leading us to a knowledge based society and the ones moving us away from it.

I hope you can share your opinions on these matters and that this blog will be useful.

Ah! well, my name is Marisa Alonso Núñez and I'm a research scientist and science communicator.

You can find a bit more of information about me in my Linkedin profile.

I write my blog in Spanish as well, "Caja de Ciencia"

In addition, I contribute to other blogs:
In English:
Blog Agora of the L'Oreal Foundation for women in science
The Extelligence Experiment

In Spanish:


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