Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Campaign "No more scholarships for work"

Masking work positions with scholarships or internships is been done in Spain since the 80's starting in the University environment.

Nowadays it has been extended to all kind of sectors (businesses, public administration and research). Since then, scholarships or internships are frequently used as a way of labour insertion for recent graduates. There are thousands of cases of graduates who work without proper funding in businesses, public administrations and research centers. This happens under the mask of a training term funded by a scholarship.

The FJI/Precarios is aware of this situation that many young researchers have. With this campaign we  pretend to give information to the affected people, so they can think about their situation and act through the Labour Inspection.
The Campaign expects to provoke a change in the mentality: zero tolerance against scholarships covering work positions.
More information in the website of the Campaign

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