Saturday, 1 October 2011

Opening post of the VIII Edition of the Carnival of Chemistry

It looks like the VIII Edition of the Carnival of Chemistry starts today!!!! And this month I have the honor of hosting it here, in this blog. The quality of the last edition, that Eroyuela has hosted in his blog, has been really high and it´s going to be very difficult to beat. But because I am the way I am, I'm going to try it... this is like life... we learn from the good and bad things of our predecessors, to try to make it even better... and I'm not saying that there has been anything bad, ok?

I have to thank the organisers of the previous editions for the richness that they have given to this "carnivalistic" idea during these months, starting with Dani (Ese punto azul pálido) who is the daddy of this idea due to the fact that this year is the international year of chemistry, and following with Cendrero (El Busto de Palas), César (Experientia Docet),  J.M. Mulet (Los productos naturales ¡vaya timo!), Jose Manuel (Scientia), Patricia (Divagaciones de una investigadora en apuros) and of course, Quique (Eroyuela's blog) who has given me the opportunity of hosting the carnival this month.

I would like to contribute to this carnival with something that is mine and I thought that it could be a good idea to enrich it even more by fostering the presence of articles in English. What do you think? Do you think that it will work? and that we will get at least a couple of posts in English?... I think so, so here we go!!!! This is the English version of the Spanish "Carnaval de Química". The idea is to collect all the posts in Spanish in the Spanish twin blog of this one (Caja de Ciencia) and use Science box to collect the English ones. At the end I will write a final post in both languages with all contributions (in English and Spanish).
So, the only thing I have left to say is that this VIII Edition of the Carnival of Chemistry is open starting today, 1st of October and finishing the 31st of this month. I'm really looking forward to receive all your contributions.

Here you have the list of the previous editions of the carnival (they are in Spanish) so you can check them... they are really worth to read!!

Participation Rules

1.- The publication of posts for this VIII Edition of the Carnival of Chemistry starts today, 1st of October and finishes the 31st of this month. The 1st of November I will write a final post with all the posts that have participated.
2.- The subject is free, but it has to be related to chemistry, of course, in all its variants. It can be just a communicative post or be related to the history of chemistry or even something with a bit of humour. The posts can be based on something of chemistry but related to other disciplines as well. I'm pretty sure you will manage to get very good ideas to write about.
3.- If you don't have a blog but you want to take part don't worry. You can publish your post in a friend's blog or something like that. If this is not possible write a comment in this post or contact me through the contact form of the blog with the subject "Carnival of Chemistry" and I will contact you to get your post and publish it in this blog with your name (or pseudonymous).
4.- The posts that will take part on this will have to be communicated in the same way than in the previous point or through the twitter account @CarnavalQuimica. In addition, they will have to have a reference to the VIII Edition of the Carnival of Chemistry and a link to this post.

If you have any doubt about the rules don't hesitate to contact me

You can find the Spanish version here.



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